Welcome to Kittson County


Kittson County is the northwestern most county in the State of Minnesota. The County seat is Hallock, which lies 20 miles south of the Manitoba, Canada border on Trunk Highway # 75 and 10 miles east of the North Dakota border on Trunk Highway # 175. It is located along the Red River of the North. The County has 26 organized townships, four unorganized townships, nine cities, three school districts, and four watershed districts.

The western part of the County, which is part of the fertile Red River Valley, produces bountiful crops of wheat, barley, sugarbeets, sunflowers, canola, and soybeans. The eastern part of the County is known for its abundant wildlife population consisting of white-tail deer, bear, bobcats, cougars, wolves and various varieties of water fowl. Agricultural endeavors in this part of the County consist of ranching, hay land and small grains. A major attraction in Kittson County is Lake Bronson State Park, a man-made lake, which was built in the WPA days.

The Courthouse is located in Hallock MN: From U.S. Highway 75, turn east on 5th Street and go three blocks.  From Minnesota Highway 175 turn south on Cedar Avenue and go five blocks.