Emergency Management

Kittson County Emergency Management is the local government office responsible for developing and maintaining the comprehensive emergency management program which is intended to reduce vulnerability to hazards, and enable the community to cope with significant emergencies and disasters.

Our comprehensive emergency management program includes many partners whose collective efforts include the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and the recovery from threats to public safety and protection of property. Potential hazards include natural, man made, and/or nuclear incidents.

Enbridge, Inc. recently awarded Kittson County Emergency Management with a $1,250.00 Safe Community Grant.  The grant will be used to purchase portable technology equipment.  This equipment will be purchased with specific homeland security emergency management tasks in mind, with mobility and connectivity being key to improving preparedness and communication.  The ability to download applications, access information found on the internet as well being able to integrate with the current county programs from remote locations plays an important role in disaster situations.  Thanks to Enbridge, Inc. for supporting Kittson County before, during and after a disaster situation.


Pictured is Bruce Lenz of Enbridge, Inc., Barb O’Hara, Kittson County Emergency Management Director and Kyle Matti of Enbridge, Inc.

2017 Severe Weather Awareness Week is COMING SOON!  See the link below for more details!

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