Medical Programs

Who is Eligible
  • Families, children and pregnant women, with varying incomes, depending on a variety of factors
  • People who are disabled or blind, at certain incomes
  • Elderly people at certain incomes
Individuals must fill out a formal application in order to have eligibility determined.

You can now apply on MNSURE.

Minnesota’s Health Care Programs
Kittson County provides medical assistance to residents in a variety of areas. For specific eligibility information, go to the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services website.  

Programs Available

  1. Medical Assistance (MA)

    MA is the largest of Minnesota’s publicly funded health care programs, providing coverage for an average of more than 600,000 people each month.

  2. MinnesotaCare

    MinnesotaCare is available for people who do not have health insurance. A monthly premium is required based upon family size, income and number of family members covered.