Chemical Dependency Services

Kittson County Social Services provides chemical use assessments (referred to as “Rule 25” assessments) services to residents of Kittson County for persons seeking to know if they are drug or alcohol dependent and what treatment options are available or who have been court ordered to complete the assessment. Case management and referral services for individuals who meet the definition of chemically abusive and/or dependent available.  We provide assessments to determine areas of concern and appropriateness for treatment and referral to a program that meets the individuals’ needs.  Ongoing case management may be provided as appropriate.

Treatment and case management services are also provided to clients seeking treatment for chemical dependency who also meet certain income guidelines, or who receive Medical Assistance.

The cost for the assessment is $130 and is due at the time of the appointment.  If a client’s insurance pays for the cost of the assessment, the fee of $130 is still due at the time of the interview.  A claim will be submitted to the insurance company and a reimbursement check will be sent back to the client if approved. Assessment fee is waived for those who meet the county eligibility guidelines.