1. 4-H Youth Development

    Minnesota 4-H provides opportunities for kids to demonstrate leadership that benefits their communities and reflects the principles of democracy.

  2. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  3. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.

  4. Community Voice

    Interact with the government by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and sharing in conversations around community proposals.

  5. Homestead Credit

    Homestead credits are available for residential, agricultural, commercial properties with residential space, apartments, and manufactured homes.

  6. Kittson County Veterans Memorial

    The Kittson County Veteran’s Memorial dedication was June 14, 2015 in Lake Bronson!

  7. Parks & Facilities

    Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

  8. Property Tax Look Up & Payment

    This online feature is only for the payment of taxes on real property in the current tax year.

  9. Social Services

    The department is responsible for administration of many programs in the areas of public assistance, child and adult protection, long term care consultation, and services for persons with developmental disabilities/related conditions, mental illness, other disabilities, and chemical dependency.

  10. Valuation / Classification Appeal

    If you decide to appeal either your valuation or your classification, it can be done either through a 3-step appeal or a 1 step appeal.