What if I don’t agree with my assessment or classification?
Talk with the assessor to review the current assessment and look for obvious errors with regard to size, description or condition of the property in question. During this informal session, you can learn how your assessment was made, what factors were considered, and what type of records we have on your property. At that time, you can also compare the estimated market value of the property in question with similar properties in the same neighborhood and look for discrepancies.

Assessor’s records are public information and are available at the County Assessor’s office. Many times, questions or concerns can be satisfactorily addressed in advance of local board of appeal and equalization meetings. This preliminary review is provided as a service to property owners; it is not a formal part of the review process provided for by law and it does not take the place of any other appeals proceedings.

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1. What if I don’t agree with my assessment or classification?
2. What if, after this informal talk with the assessor, I still disagree with the assessment or classification?
3. What is “market value”?
4. What evidence do I need to present to the Board of Appeal and Equalization?