Kittson County land and property owners,

Tax & valuation statements will be in your mailboxes soon, if not already. The dates and times of Local Board of Appeal and Equalization for your jurisdiction will be listed on your valuation statement. Due to legislative guidelines, these meetings are to be held, regardless of the current pandemic of COVID-19. In light of the current situation, the Kittson County Assessor’s Office is dedicated to provide this process in the safest manner to our taxpayers & staff. We have been working with each jurisdiction to set up telephone and web meetings. We are asking that all appeals be done by email, phone or in writing to the Assessor’s office, and we will in turn represent you on your behalf at the LBAE meetings on their scheduled date and time. All appeals for your jurisdiction must be reported to the Assessor’s office 24 hours prior to your local board meeting, so that our staff can review the property. 

Normally, in an appeal process, the Assessor’s staff will do a complete interior and exterior review of the property appealing the valuation. Due to the current pandemic, our office will be suspending all interior reviews for the appeals process. If an appeal is made, a thorough exterior review with a verbal interior review will take place. If valuation concerns are still not resolved, we have 10 business days prior to the County Board of Reviews and Equalization to review your property with interior pictures provided by the appellant. The County Board of Equalization meeting is set for June 16, 2020, therefore the last day to make changes will be May 30, 2020.

In the days to come, our office will work with township boards on how we will set up meetings with limited person-to-person contact. If you wish to attend these meetings, each taxpayer’s valuation concerns will be addressed, although you may find limited access to the meeting. Our main goal is to keep everyone safe during this process. 

If you would like to appeal your value, please contact the Kittson County Assessor’s Office so that we can address your concerns. With the office being closed at this time, email communication is best, but if you leave a voicemail, we will be checking them daily.

Thank You.

Local Board of Appeal & Equalization Meeting Dates

Click the link below to view the Local Boards of Appeal Schedule