Adult Foster Care Licensing

Kittson County Social Services helps those who wish to provide Foster Care services to adults in the community. A licensing social worker provides services to potential Foster Care Providers. The licensing process includes a criminal background study, including fingerprinting, home safety and fire checks, and letters of reference.

Child Foster Care Licensing
Foster parents provide a stable and loving home for children who are in need of temporary care. The licensing social worker assists the prospective foster parents by coordinating the licensing process, which includes a criminal background study, fingerprinting, required training, home safety and fire checks, and letters of reference, along with the required paperwork needed to complete the licensing process. 

Child Care Licensing
The Child Care Licensing program provides assistance to Kittson County residents 18 years of age and older wishing to become licensed to provide child care in their home. The licensing process includes fire and safety inspections of the home, a criminal background study, fingerprinting of all household members 13 years and older, and the discussion of State licensing guidelines and standards.

 Finding a Child Care Provider
 The child care resource and referral service can assist you in locating child care openings.  Please call them at 866-291-9811 or visit their website.  You can also use the licensing lookup provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  This look-up site will also indicate if there have been any negative actions against a licensed provider.

 Becoming a Child Care Provider
 Use the Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider provided by the Department of Human Services to learn more information about becoming a licensed family child care provider.

 Child Care Provider Requirements
If you are a Kittson County resident and interested in becoming a licensed family child care provider in Kittson County, please contact the county licensing worker at 218-843-2689.

 State Rules & Laws
 Child care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the state of Minnesota.  For more information about the rules regarding child care, see the Day Care Rule, Chapter 9502 of Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules or retrieve the entire Human Services Licensing Act.


Counties may grant variances to rules that do not affect the health or safety of persons in a licensed program. A variance is the written tool to be used for requesting prior authorization to allow for a short-term, temporary, deviation from a part of the licensing rule. If a licensed provider would like to request a variance, please contact the licensing worker at 218-843-2689. Please see Kittson County Variance Policy.