Business Relief Funding Program

This program was established to provide economic relief for grants to local businesses and non-profits adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The State of Minnesota appropriated a total of $114,800,000 to be distributed to all counties in Minnesota. Each County, by law, receives a pro-rated appropriation; Kittson County's appropriation is $250,000.

Applications are due by February 26, 2021. Applicants that were impacted directly and indirectly as a result of Executive Order 20-99 (EO 20-99) will be prioritized first in review.

Directly impacted is defined as a business organization that was forced to close or reduce occupancy due to EO 20-99. Indirectly impacted by EO 20-99 is defined as a business organization that primarily derives income from sales of goods and services to businesses that were directly closed as a result of EO 20-99.

Applicants that did not receive CARES Act grant relief or direct grants from the State of Minnesota will also receive priority in the grant review process. In the event funds remain, all other applicants will be reviewed for eligibility based upon demonstrated economic impact from the pandemic. Grants will be awarded by March 15, 2021; award amounts will be distributed by April 1, 2021.

  1. Dillon Hayes

    County Administrator
    Phone: 218.843.2670