Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is established to provide for an overall integrated information management system. This system is charged with providing support, voice and data processing, storage, retrieval, output, and communications to Kittson County employees and departments applying a variety of uses and needs. It is the Information Technology Department's mission to provide useful and reliable technology solutions to Kittson County employees, departments, and citizens. To meet our goals and business needs we continue to develop technology that delivers secure, efficient, and fiscally responsible solutions for the County to meet its organizational requirements.

Programs & Services Provided:

• Technical support

• Software systems and commercial applications

• Computers, servers, peripherals

• Networks and wireless communications

• Phone, voice messaging, and video conferencing

• Mobile devices

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support

• Database management and storage systems

• Web development and graphic design

• Security infrastructure

• Technology training, consulting, and research

  1. Lance Henrickson

    Director of Information Technology