The Kittson County Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation and classification of all real and taxable personal property within Kittson County for property tax purposes as provided by the Minnesota State Statute. 
County Administrator
County Administration is responsible for the overall administration and coordination of County services as directed by the County Board through its formal actions and state laws.
Court Administration

Driver's License & Motor Vehicle
The Driver's License and Motor Vehicle office handles drivers license and ID card issuances and motor vehicle tabs and titles.
A function of the Financial Services/Auditor's Office. Conducts all election functions for Kittson County. 
Emergency Management

Responsible for development of community-based plans and programs to maintain a state of readiness to meet natural, man-made and technological disasters on a county-wide basis. 
Environmental Services
Coordinates county-wide environmental services, land use reviews,  reviews and approves zoning permits and addresses environmental health issues. 
Financial Service/Auditor

The Financial Service/Auditor Office is the central accounting office for the County. The department is also responsible for all auditor functions, elections, taxpayer services, payroll and the Motor Vehicle Office.
Highway Department 
The Highway Department is responsible for the construction, inspection, maintenance and repair of Kittson County roads and bridges. 
Information Technology
Responsible for technology services throughout county facilities. Provides technical support for County departments and employees.
The County Recorder is the custodian of all legal records pertaining to real estate, birth, death, marriage, marriage credentials, notary public and tax liens.
The Kittson County Sheriff's Office is responsible for public safety and enforcing state statute and protecting the Constitution of the United States as well as the the Constitution of the State of Minnesota. 
Social Services
Provides human services to county residents. 
Taxpayer Services
Assists in the calculation of tax rates and collects taxpayer payments. 
Veteran Services
Provides services for Kittson County veterans. 
Responsible for Conditional Use and Building Permits.