Adult Services

Adult Services

Adult services are provided to:
  • Persons age 18-65 and those 65 and over who are experiencing difficulty in living independently and are unable to provide their own needs
  • Adults who are in need of protection and vulnerable
  • Persons with developmental disabilities or a related condition
  • Chronically and acutely mentally ill persons who are unable to provide for their own need or to independently engage in ordinary community activities
  • Persons whose chemical use patterns are inappropriate and harmful or pathological according to Minnesota Laws and Rules (Minnesota statutes section 256E.03, subdivision 2(a)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7))
Services Available

Services to the Elderly

Offering long-term care consultation for individuals 65 and older and their families including screening prior to admission to a nursing home, information and eligibility for home and community-based services, and case management for individuals receiving assistance through Alternative Care and Elderly Waiver programs. Kittson County Community Health programs provide assistance to the elderly and disabled which includes:

Vulnerable Adult Protection Services

The Adult Protection program investigates allegations of elderly neglect and abuse. Vulnerable adult investigations are completed in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, and ongoing adult protection services are provided if needed.

Services to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

The Developmental Disabilities program provides assessment and services to disabled persons in Kittson County. The intent of the program is to strengthen the disabled person’s self-reliance and provide community support services while protecting clients from abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Services to Persons with Mental Illness

The Adult Mental Health program assists clients with mental illness by providing services including case management, referrals to community mental health and outreach programs, day treatment programs, and coordination with residential treatment facilities. The Adult Mental Health program also provides pre-screenings for judicial commitment when a petitioner comes forward who is willing to testify about a family member or loved one who is in imminent danger of harm to self or others due to mental health and/or chemical dependency issues. Kittson County Human Services provides case management (care coordination) for adults age 18 and over with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). The case manager assists persons with SPMI to gain access to needed community supports and services.

Chemical Dependency Services

Kittson County Social Services provides chemical use assessments (referred to as “Rule 25” assessments) services to residents of Kittson County for persons seeking to know if they are drug or alcohol dependent and what treatment options are available or who have been court ordered to complete the assessment. Case management and referral services for individuals who meet the definition of chemically abusive and/or dependent available. We provide assessments to determine areas of concern and appropriateness for treatment and referral to a program that meets the individuals’ needs. Ongoing case management may be provided as appropriate.